• Nasdaq through the roof


    US stocks rose on Thursday as investors focus on amid reports of progress in resolving the Greek debt crisis, transmits CNBC. “Reports continue to play a big role. At the same time, people believe the economy is moving in the right direction, though not with the desired pace, “said Omar Aguilar, chief investment strategist at […]

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  • Google surprised the markets


    It was her time. As finance director at Morgan Stanley, Ruth Porat kept an eye on the cost of the banking giant. He is now in the same position, but in Google, and during a teleconference call with analysts promised what investors want to hear. Time limitless spending money went and who wants to put […]

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  • Ericsson reported higher sales and operating profit


    Telecom equipment maker Ericsson announced that its business with broadband in North America has stabilized. The company reported higher sales and operating profit for the second quarter than expected by analysts, thanks to the network business, transmits Reuters. Operating profit reached 3.6 billion. Swedish kronor ($ 422 million. US dollars), compared with 4 billion. Kronor […]

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  • Intel finds ways to cope with the weak performance of the PC market

    Intel finds ways to cope with the weak performance of the PC market, although difficulties in maintaining the pace of innovation, writes Wall Street Journal. The company from Santa Clara, California, reported a 3.4% drop in profit for the second fiscal quarter and shrinking revenues by 4.6%. But Intel predicted higher revenue and profit margins […]

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